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13. 10. 2014

Digital Marketers Guide to Seducing the Millennials

MillennialsMillennials, the 18-36 year old demographic, are the biggest segmentation of internet users (98% usage) as unlike prior generations, they grew up in the times of Internet development.

For marketers, millennials are top market full of potential customers. However getting their online attention and impressing them with your product, service or brand can be very tough, especially when you keep implementing traditional delivery ways, such as email marketing or display ads. So, the main problem is that marketers don’t know the ways to impress them.

Study performed by Yahoo and Tumblr

In order to find out what attractive ways must be used to create relevant content for millennials, Yahoo and Tumblr released a study of 15000 people , between the ages of 18-35. From the study, it was clear that 45 % of people surveyed said that they don’t think that the content marketing is enough interesting to share. In addition, it was found out that 48% of them don’t trust sponsored content, nearly 70 % don’t click on the links sponsored by brands and 57% would prefer to see banner ads on their favorite news site rather than sponsored ads. However, all these numbers don’t mean that millennials don’t want to be affected by ads. The study showed that 80 percent of them tend to watch native videos and 50 % of them are willing to share these videos. The only thing that is important, is that they should feel belonged to the environment in which they appear.

This study also found out what exactly millennials expect from content. The majority of them want to become more well-informed and are interested in reading some specific topics. Besides, they told that the most interesting branded content for them on social are the ones which have the characteristics written in the photo below.


So taking into account all these particularities related to millennials, here are 3 ways to impress them with your content marketing.

1. Make your content visual

While listening the word ‘content’, many people visualize a Word file full of huge text. It’s time to change this thinking about content. So, to attract people, especially millennials, you should create your content like storytelling, because in content it’s more important the form than the message. Thus, you should fill your content with interesting and eye-catching photos, videos, animated GIFs or infographics. The reason is that millennials are drawn to visual content, which lets them to catch key facts quickly.

2. Decide on when and where your content will be viewed

Companies, which want to target millennials, should focus on delivering the content to the right person at the right time. In order to do it in the right way, it is important to understand the conditions under which this person is going to view your content, such as weather, the time of a day, the device she/he uses and so on.

3. Develop an authentic brand voice

As the majority of these people grew up online and spent a lot of time on social networks, they can easily determine the faux brands which use conversational ways to push their products, and they don’t buy their products. That’s why it’s indispensable for brands to develop a different brand voice before beginning their content marketing strategy.

So, now you know why millennials are often not impressed with your content marketing and what you can do to impress them. Do you have other ideas on your mind? Share them with us in the comments below.


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