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8. 10. 2014

The Power of Push Notifications For Small Businesses

Mobile marketing is one of the best and effective forms of marketing for small businesses, and this trend will still last very long, because of such powerful features of mobile marketing like push notifications, SMS, free messaging apps and so on.

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Nowadays, the most used technological devices in the world are mobile phones. As to smart phones, which are developing day by day, their users worldwide will total 1.75 billion by the end of 2014. Smart phones became inseparable part of people’s everyday life.

The proof of that is the fact, that almost 45 % of consumers use phones for surfing the web, 40% for checking the emails, 30% for downloading apps and 20% for buying products and services. Based on this data, I think it is safe to say push notifications are inevitable part of mobile marketing especially for small business which have tight marketing budgets.

So, what are push notifications?

When new information is available, the server pushes that information out to the user on their mobile and tablet and that is called a push notification. This message is delivered no matter that application was opened or closed. Push notifications tell users that new content is available, like the old ‘you have an email’ message. You certainly see everyday some numbers next to your apps, so these numbers represent what is called ‘push notifications’.

So, the main aspect of these notifications is to let users be aware of new events and information without opening the app. Push notifications are used for any digital device like smartphones, tablets, Amazon Kindle and so on. In digital world main purpose of these notifications is to improve the communication between customers and businesses.

Why businesses need to use push notifications?

Recently a survey was released by a global marketing company Responsys and nearly 1500 app users were surveyed. It was discovered that 5 of 10 users download apps from their favorite brand. In addition 7 of 10 enable push notifications. So, app users mostly enable notifications mainly for these reasons:

  • 50% for getting access to special offers
  • 35% for accessing brands while on the go
  • 35% for receiving notifications about sales
  • 30% for staying up to date to latest news
  • 25% for improving their website experience
  • 45% for controlling the orders
  • 40% for monitoring and managing the accounts
  • 30% for discovering the inventory
  • 27% for receiving notifications depending on the current location

Push notifications have a very huge usage. Nearly 70% of the smartphone users enable push notifications and from that number about 80% are younger users from 18 to 35 years old.

According to the survey done by Responsys, about 75% of consumers ensure that these notifications are very valuable for them and even 45% of them confirmed that they use those applications, which have the push notification feature.

So, these reasons show why businesses, especially small ones, should give importance to push notifications, as it’s one of the best ways to ensure your presence in your users’ minds.

Do you have an app for your small business that is using push notifications? Let us know in the comments below!

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