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8. 10. 2014

”Meet me at Starbucks”- Starbucks Launching Their First Global Campaign

Recently Starbucks launched their first global campaign, which is called “Meet me at Starbucks”. Targeted globally it aims to represent the awesome things happening in different Starbucks stores around the world when Starbucks lovers throw away their smartphones or notebooks and use their precious time to spend it with each other.

”Meet me at Starbucks” - Global Campaign
”Meet me at Starbucks” - Global Campaign

 In the frames of this campaign, unlike the company's other advertisements, the company is not concentrating on any specific product promotion. Instead, this time they have a strong focus on brand awareness by representing 1 day in Starbucks with a mini-documentary which is pictured in nearly 60 Starbucks stores in different 28 countries. Cities, were the project was done include New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing and so on.

The video was created by the help of about 40 local movie makers, 10 local photographers and one director who coordinated it all at “72andSunny”, which was the company responsible for this campaign. The project was pictured in the same period of 24 hours in all the countries. It had various scenarios, including women discussing scrap booking, meeting of teenagers, elders and so on. As mentioned by Linda Mills, the company spokesperson are various ways of communicating due to technology and internet, but this campaign shows that people are not really connected until they meet face to face.

Ms. Mills told that the idea of this Starbucks campaign rose thanks to monitoring the customers’ activities on social media networks. She told that company noticed many videos of Starbucks fans uploaded on social media networks and found out that everyday many stories takes place in different Starbucks stores. Firstly, they decided to create a movie based on these videos, however the idea improved and the company asked “72andsunny” to do a bigger project.

“If you went to any Starbucks, anywhere in the world, on any given day, what would you find? The campaign video starts with this sentence and goes on showing various people from different nationalities and the things they do when they go to their lovely Starbucks store.''

Ms. Mills said that the campaign is going to continue and Starbucks will ask its fans to upload photos or videos on Instagram with the hashtag #HowWeMet, showing how people meet and what they do in Starbucks. Other actions are going to be done also in other social media platform such as Twitter and Tumblr.

If you already impatient to watch the video, here you! Enjoy it and share your own story of Starbucks with us in the comments below.


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