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SaaS Marketing Strategy

12. 10. 2014

‘Bring Your Local Business Online’ - Google's New Video Series To Help Local Businesses

Recently, Google released new video series named “Bring your local business online”. The aim of this campaign is to help businesses create online marketing strategy. The Developer programs tech lead of Google, Maile Ohye said in her official Google Webmaster blog that this is exactly the same advice she would give to her friends and relatives and now she is sharing it with everybody.These videos explain how to create business goal, how to find, attract and engage with the customers, how to implement online strategy and so on. The total length of the videos is 30 minutes.

1. Introduction and hot topics (3:22 minutes)

This video introduces 2 business owners Marnie, who has a jewelry store and Scott, who is a realtor. In this video they discuss the huge changes of the last decade and they talk about the ways to ensure that your business reaches customers at work, at home or somewhere else on the go.



2.Determine your business’ value-add and online goal(4:08 minutes)

With the bright example of Scott, the Realtor you can learn about the details on the marketing funnel, about setting online goals and about the ways for highlighting the specialties of your online business.



3.Find potential customer(7:41 minutes)

In this video, which is the longest one, Marnie and Scott discuss the most common ways of how they reach their customers, including search engines, maps apps, review sites, social and professional networking sites.



4.Basic implementation and best practices(5:23 minutes)

This one discusses the fundamentals and best practices to take your business from offline to online.



5. Differentiate your business from the competition (5:09)

With the example of Scott’s business as a Realtor, here is discussed the ways to demonstrate that your local business is the best one for customers by adding pictures, videos and getting reviews and feedback.



6. Engage customers with a holistic online identity(4:51 minutes)

In the last video, we can see how Scott successfully engages customers by sending cohesive message to customers and by answering all their questions.



So, here is the newly released campaign of Google, which is the best guideline for every business, who wants to enter online platform without spending too much time and resources to find the best strategies and tips. Do you think that it will be helpful for SMBs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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