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28. 09. 2014

5 Ways You Can Use LinkedIn Groups For B2B Lead Generation

One of the popular social media networks worldwide is LinkedIn, which has already almost 313.000.000 users. When you compare this number with the number of users from other social media sites like Facebook and even Google Plus (which is comparatively new in the game), it may seem too little, but LinkedIn is the right platform among others when it comes to creating some long-lasting business relationships.


Just like other social networks LinkedIn also comes with community feature called ''LinkedIn groups'' that helps people collaborate with each other and find new valuable connections. With the help of this feature, one can create a specific community related to a specific area. The owner of the group decides on his own who can join the community and how the things will go within the group.

If you are on LinkedIn and you ignore the groups at all, it means that your efforts to get B2B leads for our business will be inefficient. Just like we recently shared tips on how marketers can utilize Quora, these time we will cover the best tips for LinkedIn that already proved to work by multiple community managers and in multiple LinkedIn campaigns that Incredo has run for our clients.

1. Send personalized invitations

One of the biggest mistakes that many LinkedIn group owners make is sending some sample invitations. Believe it or not, it does not become attractive to them any longer if you just send ‘I’d like to add you in my community’ sentence to them and knowing the fact that you are not the only one who is doing it.

Moreover, the probability that you’ll be blocked is very high in this situation. If you want people to accept your invitation, it should be personalized and clear. You can start with a sentence which relates to them, and then tell the reasons you want to connect with them, how you found them and how can you help them.

2. Send messages to the members

As a moderator of a LinkedIn group, you can send messages to your community. By sending messages to the members often (but not too often, as it’ll irritate them), you can interact with them in many different ways. Your messages can include the following topics.

  • What’s going on in your community
  • Asking members about the challenges of their business
  • Free consultation offers
  • Invitation to a webinar and so on

3. Create relevant content to answer the questions

Another advantage of LinkedIn groups is that it lets members to ask as many questions as they want. These questions can sometimes be the source of ideas to write content. For instance, if they ask you a question, that can’t be answered in a short way, you can create some content to answer it thoroughly.

An important thing in this, is to create content very quickly. If you take too long to create content, and therefore to answer the members’ questions, they will go elsewhere to find answers that they need. So be fast in creating content.

4. Interact with other group members

When creating a group or joining other ones, you should connect with the members of that group to create some effective relationships. Visit their profiles, and see in which areas they are interested. Ask some questions, as in this case, they will respond you and the engagement process will start.

Pro tip: You can also start a direct conversation with them even if they are not your connection, by clicking ''Reply Directly'' below the group thread they have posted.

5. Create a webinar

As you have the ability to send messages all members as a moderator, you can inform them by this way about the webinar that is going to happen in the nearest future. Remember once and forever, that webinar should not just be about yourself or about your product.

It should be about general issues that all members have expressed interest. Before starting the webinar, you can inform them that you’re going to cover some of the problems by offering a product or service to solve them and in the end it is recommended to arrange your Q/A session.

So, have you ever tested any of these tactics to generate leads? If no, what are the techniques that you use? Share with us in the comments below!

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