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24. 09. 2014

What is real-time marketing and why does your company need to use it?

Real-time marketing is a type of marketing which is based on the current events. The difference between a traditional marketing and real-time marketing is really a huge. In traditional marketing it is used to write a marketing plan in advance and make the marketing steps according to it. However, in real-time marketing, the strategy is created based on current, real-time trends. The purpose of this type of marketing is to connect clients with the products or services of the company that they need right now and which are up-to date. For example when an event takes place, during which the company quickly shares content in its blogs, social media sites or in other platforms, it’s called real-time marketing.

Why does your company need to use real-time marketing?

 real time marketing

Your company needs to implement real-time marketing, as it’s the best answer to one of the biggest problems of the business world- how to reach to always connected customers? With real-time marketing you can connect with your customers in the right moment, in the right place and with the right content.

Real time marketing lets companies to analyze customer interactions, to be more personal and to connect with customers with relevant, interesting and effective messages.

Here’s a bright example of real-time marketing. The World Cup 2014 offered the largest audience for marketers and those, who were using real-time marketing succeeded a lot, while others missed the chance of marketing themselves. For example, a lot of brands such as Adidas and Beats Headphones shined with their real-time marketing strategy during the World Cup 2014. As a real-time marketing strategy, Adidas celebrated with a Vine video Argentina's team's entry into the World Cup's Finals.

Some tips to better implement real-time marketing

1. Be prepared

You can’t say what will happen during a live event, but you should be prepared and keep some messages, if anything exciting goes down. Planning in advance and having a team of professional prepared to create content in the right moment in a short time is the key to success in real-time marketing.

2. Be relevant to your business

Everything that company posts on social media sites, on its blog or somewhere else should be relevant to its culture, to its business and core values. Sharing irrelevant content that has nothing to do with your audience can have a negative effect for your brand. Though some events give wide chances to promote your company, don’t do it if it’s not connected with you. So, keep your real-time marketing content real.

3. Integrate with other campaigns

Just because real-time marketing demands up-to date content, it doesn’t simply mean that you can’t integrate with existing campaigns. Connecting real-time marketing with already existing campaigns not only helps to deliver your message more clearly and more in depth, but also strengthens your brand with powerful content.

So, real-time marketing is a very practical strategy nowadays and with the right tools you can gain a lot of positive attention and succeed in today’s changing world. Do you have your own examples of real-time marketing? Share with us in the comments below.

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