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19. 09. 2014

How Digital and Social Media Have Changed The Way Movies Are Marketed Today

Today the internet and especially social media have a huge impact on the promotion of movies. They give a great chance for today's filmmakers to attract a bigger audience than it was impossible in the past. Now, social media is very important for movie industry, as it can gain a huge amount of buzz and if done wrong have a negative effect on your business -- costing you goodwill and potential audience.

Movie makers use social media in order to communicate with their fans, as well as to promote their products. There are many ways that digital and social media have changed the ways movies are marketed and promoted today to us and we are presenting just some noticeable mini case studies.


"Toy Story 3" Using Toy Commercials and YouTube

First of all, social media allows movies to go viral. There are many movie maker companies that benefit from this opportunity. For example, for ‘Toy Story 3’ some viral toy commercials were created for one of their new characters. This character was essential in the film, however his role was not popular from the faux ads.

"Toy Story 3'' had a lot of fans, lovers and as well as critics. Because of their huge viral campaign and namely using YouTube, vintage advertisements and original characters the company generated over 1$ billion dollars worldwide. Today ''Today Story 3'' is know as one of the most successful animated movie of all times.

Paramount Is Using Facebook To Determine The Largest Target Groups

Besides the chance to go viral social media also makes it easier to predict the success of a new movie for some specific target groups. It’s obvious that there are some movies that cannot be screened in many places, even if they are very profitable. In the past, filmmakers promoted them by press, TV, radio before their appearance on the screen.

Now, social media lets you find out the places, where people are most interested and are willing to watch them. Paramount’s ‘Paranormal Activity’ used this strategy to promote their movie on Facebook. They asked fans to vote for the appearance of that movie in their city. They would show it if they collected more than 1 million votes and they got it very quickly.

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Reviews, Trailers and User Feedback

Finally, social media has also changed the information flow. In the past, in order to watch trailers of the upcoming movies you had to visit the cinema or you had to wait until it was shown on TV. Now, everything has changed.

You can watch the trailer you want, you can read articles and reviews about that film and so on. Of course movie studios still have special websites for their latest news and trailers, but a lot are using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter for that purpose.

So, here are some obvious ways (with valid examples) that digital and social media have changed the style of promotion of movies. Do you have other interesting examples? Let us know in the comments. 

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