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18. 09. 2014

6 Tips For Marketers To Better Utlize Quora

uora is a question-answer online platform, which helps us to find the right answers to the number of our questions. Quora attracts small businesses due to its social sharing features. If you share and participate a lot in your network, the probability that more people will know you increases.

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If you want to use Quora to market your product, you’re in the right way! For marketers, Quora is an excellent way to find out which topics your current and potential customers search the most. In this way, you can use this information to plan your strategy.

Below are some tips which you can execute to better utilize Quora.

1. Follow professionals and relevant topics

In Quora there are a lot of professionals, like IT specialists, marketing specialists, advertisers and others. Like you follow people on Twitter or Facebook, you can also follow them and their updates on Quora. Make sure you follow the ones who are important for your business. You can search for topics related to your business as well. In this way you can see what is being discussed the most.

2. Build relationships with your customers

Quora’s user friendly interface lets you find out who are the most active users in a specific topic. So, you can keep further interaction with these users, in order to answer their questions in the future. In this way, you can also build deep relationships with those people, who are important for your business, for example potential customers, competitors, advisers and so on.

3. Answer questions very quickly

In order to be visible in Quora, you should answer questions as soon as possible, as in this case, you don’t have to compete with the others, you won’t repeat others’ idea and the probability that questioner will upvote your answer and will engage with you further increases. Moreover, if answers have the same amount of upvotes, the older answers stay closer to the top, so it will be visible.

4. Use pictures

An important thing that many top Quora users utilize is the use of images. Well-chosen pictures can support your point and your answer will stand out visually. If you are the first one who answers the question with a picture, this picture will appear as a thumbnail beside the text preview. In addition, readers are drawn to pictures, so your answer will attract them and they will read it.

5. Feedback

The ones who follow you or are interested in your company or product, have the opportunity to leave both positive and negative feedbacks concerning your activity, your product’s performance and so on. So, take the opportunity and take into account these feedbacks while for example designing your product, planning marketing strategies and so on.

6. Build network

Integration of Quora with your social media sites- Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn will help you to expand your network. Your presence in the Web will increase if more people follow you. In addition, integrating Quora with social media sites will no only let people to know you more deeply but will also maximize your online presence as a marketing professional.

Do you have some other tips? Leave them in comments and let us use Quora more effectively!

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