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17. 09. 2014

12 Smart Ways To Promote Mobile Apps With $0 Marketing Budget

App store is one of the most competitive environments. Presently, there are about 2 million apps available for Android users and about 1.8 million apps are available in the Apple's app store that is the second largest stock. In this huge number, how can you be sure that your app will be a success? What it will take from you to get good media coverage? How will you make people love it, and of course buy it?

Certainly, too many ways exist for promoting your app if you have a huge budget. However, there are many entrepreneurs who promoted their app with no money and their apps are in the top now. So, today we’re going to introduce 12 creative ways to promote your mobile app with $0 marketing budget.


1. Name of your app

It’s of the utmost importance to choose a catchy name for your mobile app. Try to choose a name that is short, creative, and of course a name which will be associated with your app.

2. Create how-to videos

Make some creative, funny, informative videos of your app. Make some six-second how-to videos by using Vine. This way it’ll be much easier for people to use your app.

3. Share your content

One of the effective ways of telling large audiences about your new mobile app is social media. You can use many social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to promote your app. Post some funny and interesting information related to your app and invite potential customers to learn about your new mobile app.

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4. Offer a promotional price

If your app is not a free one, sometimes offer promotional prices, like during the launch time or during holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and so on. This promo prices will make people consider your app, compare with other options and choose your product.

5. Website promotion

For an effective promotion you should create creative website for your app. You can drive people to your website using SEO, social media and so on. Create an interesting and different content for your website and it will generate downloads for your app.

6. Send out a Press Release

Too many press release services exist on the Internet. To promote your new released app, search for some blogs that are interested in your field and send them a message that your application is already available. Include screenshots and a link to your app as well.

7. Organize some contests

You can tell people to share your app and interesting content related to it on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter. And after some time one person who will be selected randomly will receive a gift, like an opportunity to download your app for free.

8. The effect of word-of-mouth

Make your current customers share your application and recruit their friends, as we know that we more believe in what our friends recommend us than advertisements do.

9. Regular updates

You should regularly add new bug fixes. The users will get a reminder when there’s a new update of your app, and it will attract their attention.

 10. Do better in your SEO and ASO strategies

In order to be seen everywhere, you should carefully choose the keywords for your website content as well as in all your app descriptions on the store. A strong SEO and ASO (appstore optimization) strategy will make your app get famous easier and faster.

11. Demand some reviews

You should use every chance to ask for a review from your app users. Reviews have a huge impact on your reputation. Don’t be too pushy, but still get your customers know that their opinion is very important for you.

12. Signatures say it all

Your email or signature should promote your app and encourage people to follow you. You can add your company name after your name in social media sites. This way the awareness of your app will increase.

Using these 12 creative ways, you can promote your app like a pro without a big budget. If you have any other ideas that are not mentioned, be sure to leave them as comments.


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