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5. 02. 2014

How Businesses Should Adapt To the Facebook Paper App

Last week Facebook announced the release of an iPhone app called paper. But what is the Facebook Paper app all about and how should your business adapt to it? Get ready to experience Facebook in a whole different light!

Within hours of the release of Facebook’s Paper app, downloads sky-rocketed and this became a hit at the speed of light. This is simply an optic way to check your news streams and bundle content from various designated content zones such as sport and tech.

Here’s how Facebook Paper app works

facebook_paper_app_iphone_47956Facebook’s Paper app has a publication-like layout and a swipe action and if you are a “pro” you will most definitely value the countless techniques to circulate and utilize content. Another astonishing feature is the fact that you are able to change a full view screen image by simply turning your iPhone this way or the other.

There is word that the Facebook Paper app might eliminate the conventional Facebook completely—BUT...this is just hear-say! Facebook’s Paper app reached #4 on the iTunes download store, all within just 4 hours of release—this is HUGE!

With this Facebook Paper app you will be able to pull important news from your Facebook Feed. Remember that this is a news creation and reader app—perfect for any small business that wants to know what’s going on in the business world! The Facebook Paper app is designed to portray stories on a picture-led grid and of course to make sharing hassle free for you! What’s more is that you can check out other content as well as read other stories from various publications, and it's up to you to decide who sees what.

Your business needs to adapt to the Facebook Paper app, but how?

  • The app launches ad free

Promotions might only be episodic content

  • Longer content

The layout is designed for longer content, meaning more posts from your company and better, longer stories for your followers to read

  • The spotlight is on visuals

This app has a panoramic functionality, full screen images and auto play video setting. BONUS!

At this stage the Facebook Paper app is only available for iPhones and you might find it a bit difficult to get a link where you can download this awesome app, but we will make it easier for you, so grab your iPhone and click on this link to download the Facebook Paper App.

Have you downloaded it already? Leave your comments and tell us how you are experiencing this app!

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