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14. 01. 2014

14 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Mobile marketing is growing day by day and to be sure of that check out below presented mobile marketing statistics that will blow your mind.

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1. Do you take your mobile to the bathroom? Good news is that you’re not alone!

Mobile marketing statistics show that 75% of Americans go everywhere, including the bathroom, with their mobile devices. Most users use their mobile devices to play games, check emails and browse the net.

2. Online searches do end up as business!

Mobile marketing statistics show that 70% of online searches end up as business within 60 min. This is actually a “scary” thought if you think about it. And by online searches, I don’t mean searches from your laptop, I mean the ones from mobile devices.

It is said that people that use their mobile device to do online searches, has a higher conversation percentage. Why? Because we are on the go…all the time. Keep in mind that when you grab your mobile device to do a search, you have something specific in mind, whereas when you use a laptop, you simply surf the net, with no intention of actually looking for something specific.

3. Are you going to invest in mobile this year?

Mobile marketing statistics show that 78% of retailers will most definitely invest in mobile in 2014, purely because the figure is expected to be more than 220 billion. Better move if you have not yet invested in mobile!

4. Do you own a smartphone?

Mobile marketing statistics show that 116 million Americans are in possession of a smartphone. Smartphone usages are expected to reach almost 60%.

5. Get ready for 2015 now!

Mobile marketing statistics show that by 2015 more people will have access to the Internet using their smartphone or tablets. If you don’t own one of these yet, better stock up!

6. Facebook usage…

Mobile marketing statistics show that people, who use Facebook with their mobile device, use other social media sites on a more regular basis as well.

7. Lost your wallet? That’s OK, as long as you still have your phone!

Mobile marketing statistics show that it takes the average person 26 hours to report a stolen or lost wallet. But had they lost their phone, they would have reported it within 68 minutes.

8. More and more apps!

Mobile marketing statistics show that over the past 3 years, more than 300,000 new apps have been developed. That is quit a figure!

9. How do you read emails?

Mobile marketing statistics show that 27% of emails are read with mobile devices. Apart from that email readership peaks on Saturdays and is the lowest on Mondays. Who’s having a blue Monday?

10. Is your site mobile friendly?

Mobile marketing statistics show that if your site is not mobile friendly, 46% of the people that visited your site will not return again.

11. Do you have a mobile marketing strategy?

Mobile marketing statistics show that less than ¼ of businesses and brands have a mobile marketing strategy. This is quite simple- if you have mobile marketing strategy, your brand will be recognized.

12. Price search...

Mobile marketing statistics show that while a customer is in a store, they will use their mobile device to search for a better price.

13. Decisions…Decisions…Decisions…

Mobile marketing statistics show that 79% of customers use their mobile device to make a purchasing decision. That’s way more than half!

14. Do you offer coupons?

Mobile marketing statistics show that a mobile coupon is 10 times more likely to be used than the old-fashioned paper coupon. So get your coupons mobilized!

From these statistics we can see that mobile is taking over the market very fast! There’s a lot more mobile marketing statistics out there that will blow your mind, but 14 is enough for today. Use your mobile and leave your comment below.

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