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14. 01. 2014

10 Creative Tech Start-ups To Watch in 2014

It is without doubt very interesting to check out which creative tech start-ups are worth to watch in 2014. So, without further ado, let’s start!


1. A tech start-up that will replace the old-fashioned thermometer

This has to be my personal favorite, as it is very tedious to run around looking for a thermometer whenever I feel something coming on. Not only can I never find my thermometer, but it also just takes my temperature. Likely with this new tech start-up called Kinsa, those days are gone! Not only does this tech start-up take your temperature, but it builds a background of your health. This tech start-up is most definitely the world’s prime real-time chart of human health.

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2. Buddhify is a tech start-up where you can meditate while on the go

Because of life being so busy and on the go, more than 50% of the population suffer from feelings of stress, so, meditation plays a very important part of everyone's daily routine, but sometimes, people don’t even have time for that. With this new tech start-up called Buddhify, one can stop stressing and start meditation while on the go. There are also different options like “Just meditating”, “Feeling Stressed”, “Walking in the City” and “Traveling”, etc. With this tech start-up, people don’t have to be so stressed and overwhelmed anymore.

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3. Relive your childhood with Crayon Creatures

Undoubtedly you would agree with me that there is nothing as special as reliving your childhood for example by drawing a special picture for the fridge. With Crayon Creatures you can let you child draw a picture and then turn it into a 3D figurine. Let your child’s imagination come to life and relive your childhood years with this amazing tech start-up.

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4. Choose your elements using PhoneBloks

With this tech start-up you are able to choose your elements to avoid an outdated product at any given time. Let’s face it; you have to move with the time, whether it’s your laptop, website or mobile device. Well, with this great new tech start-up, you don’t have to worry about out of date elements on your smartphone! Watch this space, as PhoneBloks already have over 50,000 users.

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5. Be clever with SmartThings

With this tech start-up you can observe, manage and automate anything from your doors, lock to even the thermostat of your coffeepot—all at the touch of a button. SmartThings offers so much more than just another app—they offer peace of mind, security and savings in your home! With this tech start-up you never have to feel unsafe again.

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6. Find the perfect partner with Tinder

This tech start-up gives you the power to take back your love life, in style! You are able to sift through selfies of a potential match. It also has a free “Hot or Not” app where you can check out who is close to you that’s up for hanging out. “Tinder is how people meet. It’s like real life, but better.”

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7. Black Friday comes every day with Hukkster

If you are someone who just loves shopping, then this tech start-up is made for you! You are probably tired of waiting for promotions and emails to come through with the latest discounts and bargains. Well, those days are over. What this app does is it notifies you once a product you are interested in is going on sale. You will then “hukk” that product and Hukkster will then once again notify you when the price drops by another 25%. How cool is that?

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8. Forget the cabs, just grab a Lyft

You will be totally safe with this tech start-up, as Lyft checks criminal records, as well as driving records. Find on-demand peer-to-peer lift sharing services, for a fraction of the cost of cabs. Lyft works on a donation basis from passengers, so they don’t charge fares!

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9. Fly better and cheaper with Routehappy

We all know that some flights are not our most pleasurable experience, but with this tech start-up, you will be able to find a flight that fits your personality and needs. What’s more is that Routehappy wants you to fly with happiness at a cheaper price as well! You will be able to plan your next trip with complete satisfaction with functions such as happiness scores and flyer ratings. So go on, get on that happy business flight!

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10. Budgeting made easy

This tech start-up enables you to keep record of money spent, with daily, weekly and monthly updates. You will receive an up-to-date picture of how you are doing when it comes to your cash. Level Money makes it so much easier to achieve short-term and long-term decisions regarding your finance—which in turn will enable you to achieve what you have always wanted to!

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From apps to relive your childhood to apps to manage your finances, are all made to make your life easier! Let us know which one you like the best or which one you are busy downloading.

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