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13. 01. 2014

6 Simple Secrets To Get New Facebook Fans

According to social intelligence company Syncapse a Facebook fan is potentially worth approximately $175! Thus, for companies using social media marketing one of the most important goals is to get new Facebook fans, and, of course, there are some simple secrets to do it. The best ones are:


1. Stay inquisitive about your fans

Facebook will continue to grow, so it is obvious that you have to keep on growing with it, especially when it comes to getting new Facebook fans, you have to remember the following:
  • Establishing new Facebook fans and keeping them takes time and commitment.
  • Be patient and determent. This goes hand-in-hand with the above. As attaining new Facebook fans takes time, be patient and don’t give up! By doing this you will not only build a really good reputation for your brand, but you will also start being noticed.

2. Evolve with the changes

If you don’t evolve with the upgrades and changes, finding new Facebook fans will be so much harder. Make it your aim to be the first to do an upgrade on Facebook.

3. Purchase a Facebook ad

This tool from Facebook allows you to present your info about your business on earmarked personal profiles. With this tool you have 2 payment options at your disposal: pay for every time your ad appears or number of clicks that someone clicks on your ad. If your ad is done correctly you will reach new Facebook fans and start reaping the benefits.

4. Never miss an occasion to promote your Facebook page for free

Just like you can pay for ads, there are also ways and means to advertise your Facebook page for free. You can tell your employees to remind people to go “like” your Facebook page. Try adding a “like” button whenever you do online writing. Adding links to your email signature and on your website is also a great way to get new Facebook fans. Remember to also put your Facebook link on other social media sites!

5. Make it worthwhile for people to visit your page

If your page is going to be boring and lame, you surely won’t attract any new Facebook fans. You HAVE to keep your followers intrigued and interested, otherwise your “likes” will go down instead of up!

6. Following other business pages might get you new Facebook fans

Remember that if you follow other related business pages, the chances of getting new Facebook fans are much greater. Whenever you share content which can be seen on the other business pages, other followers will also see it.And if the content is relevant and interesting, you will drive the potential new fans to your like your page.

I believe there are plenty more secrets in getting new Facebook fans, but these are the most important ones.


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