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12. 01. 2014

4 Reasons Why Start-Ups Should Learn Growth Hacking

Earlier in our blog we have shared a post on 6 Growth Hacking Tactics in 2014,  but why is it important for start-ups to learn growth hacking? I will go into depth with 4 reasons why start-ups should learn growth hacking.

Working Hard-2

1. If you learn growth hacking, you can obtain more visitors for your site

So you want more visitors for your site? But how exactly do you want to get them and keep them? There are 3 ways to obtain visitors to your site: this is called the 3 P’s of obtaining more visitors:

  • Pull—This method is when you give people a reason to come to you, you figuratively pull them to your site. You don’t go find them, instead you interest them to come to you.
  • Push—This method is a bit more assertive than the first one, but nonetheless worth it as well. With this method you will push people towards your site. They might want to watch a certain YouTube Video, but unless they watch your ad, they can’t watch the Video…makes sense?
  • Product—Another way of getting people to your site, is by using your product itself. People at networking events use their products to get traffic for their site, there’s no reason that you can't do the same.

You have to understand, that for learning growth hacking, you need to know how to attract people to visit your site. The first 2 P’s are done digitally, where the 3rd P is more of a face-to-face approach. But you can use all 3 of these in the right circumstances and be successful with growth hacking.

2. If you learn growth hacking, you can frequently test for new channels

If you are in the premature stage of a platform, you got a head start, as you can win customers and gain extraordinary growing proceeds. At this point, your reward lies in the fact that you get certain sharpness, as you will have insights in capacity in that certain channel. Besides you can invest at costs that new people won’t have access to. Remember that the higher the additional reserve of $’s spent on your channel, the higher the cost will be to get more customers.

3. If you learn growth hacking, you will shift much faster

With today’s technology, speed is of the essence and trust me, it is one of the most important deeds of a growth hacker. Most of the time, a start-up will shift very fast and graceful—this is why they can test and investigate so many things. This is where big brands make their mistake, as they spend too much designing, constructing and improving, without even knowing if it’s going to work or not. By this statement, it doesn't mean that you should not design, construct and improve, but it is very important to get things out there, even if they are not perfect. It's like a journey: if you take too long, you might miss the train.

4. If you learn growth hacking, you can focus on data that influences results

Everything is about results! Data is the heart of growth hacking. But you have to remember that it is about pin pointing and calculating the correct data. Remember that data is only handy when you transform it into recommendations like “What can we do?”

In closing, learning growth hacking is learning a marketing skill that uses creativity, analytic thinking and social metrics to sell your product or service and get exposure. A good growth hacker will use things like SEO, A/B testing and web analytics. So…if you are thinking of employing a growth hacker, look for these skills. Or if you want to do growth hacking yourself, better you learn these skills.

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