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7. 10. 2014

12 Tips for Effectively Managing your Facebook Business Page

Facebook has taken the online market by storm since it was founded in 2004. It is no secret that this social media networking service is one of the most popular, with over 1 billion users. So this is the number one network that you have to join if you are in business and want to grow. Managing your Facebook business page might not be so easy if you do not have the right tools and people to do it.


Today, we introduce 12 tips for effectively managing your Facebook business page.. With the right tools, you can build and manage your Facebook business page in the right way and shoot your “likes” through the roof!

1. Managing your Facebook with posting

There is nothing as useless as having a Facebook business page if you’re not posting and engaging. The whole idea of having a business page is to say “Hi, this is me and this is what I do.” You have to be consistent with posting interesting content that will keep your readers intrigued and interested in what you do. Remember that there is also nothing wrong with humorous and fun content—don’t be boring, because your readers will feel it.

2. Managing your Facebook with engaging with your readers

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. If your readers comment on a post, engage with them, start a conversation, make them feel important. There is nothing worse than when a reader posts a question or comment and you don’t answer it—certainly they will hit the “unlike” button instantly.

3. Managing your Facebook with notification

Notifications will help you to stay on the ball with activity on your page. So you should hire a SMM and give that person the go-ahead on all activity on your Facebook business page. When there’s activity on your page, such as comments, your SMM can reply within minutes, thus engaging with your readers and not leaving them hanging.

4. Managing your Facebook by finding new ways to Uupdate

With Facebook you have 5 different ways to create updates:

  • Questions—Remember that your readers want to feel that they belong somewhere. When you update questions about your brand and about the product they want to see, they will most definitely feel that they belong somewhere.
  • Link to other sites—This has been mentioned before, but remember that other sites might have pertinent articles that will work brilliantly with your Facebook page.
  • Personalize it—Post something personal every now and again. Your readers want to know who the person or people behind the brand is, make them feel part of it.
  • Engage and respond— Remember to always respond and engage with your readers—they don’t want to feel like just another “number”.
  • Info about your brand—By no means does this have to be a sales pitch. But put some fun and interesting info on your page about your brand. It’s no use having a business page if no one knows what it’s about.

5. Managing your Facebook with insights

This tool helps you to detect and see what your interaction is on your Facebook business page. What is really great about this tool is that you can set a time and then you can review things such as new likes and number of comments for that certain time period. With this tool you can really see how effective your content and business page are.

6. Managing your Facebook by developing relationships with similar businesses

When you develop relationships with similar businesses, not only will ideas start flowing, but you might also get some new customers and referrals. With relationships like this, you might also find great links and pertinent info on their page.

7. Managing your Facebook by merging with other social sites

Merging your other social sites like Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn will take your social media to a whole new level. Not only will your SMM be able to manage and take control of all your sites better, but this might also remove the “social” from social media.

8. Managing your Facebook with a “Like” button

Consider putting a Facebook “like” button on your website so they can join in all the fun and activity on your Facebook page. This way when a potential customer surfs your website, he/she can “like” your Facebook page while being on your website.

9. Managing your Facebook with targeting a specific market

If you do not know who your target market is, it is no use having a Facebook business page. It’s pointless trying to target teens, when you are in the web design business. Know who your target market is and ask your SMM to specifically target that market.

10. Managing your Facebook by not over posting

It is all good and well to put regular and interesting content on your page, but over-doing it will drive your readers away as well.

11. Managing your Facebook by having a plan of action

This will just make it easier for you and your SMM—if you have one. Consider putting some sort of spreadsheet together with all the days of the week and what should be posted when. This not only will keep your page consistent, but you'll also feel more in control as to what is going on with your page.

12. Managing your Facebook page with pics and videos

Let’s be honest! Just a bunch of articles and words are no fun either! Post relevant pictures and videos from now on. Infographics have taken the market by storm and as the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words".

There they are, my tips for effectively managing your Facebook business page. Have some to add? Leave your comments and thoughts below!

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