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10. 01. 2014

7 Big Brands Who Succeeded in Content Marketing in 2013

2013 is over, but with the New Year that started, you need to gear up your content marketing in 2014. The question is though, how did some of the world’s biggest brands succeed with their Content Marketing in 2013? 

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1. American Express

This worldwide company has engaged in so many different content marketing projects, that it’s not hard to see why they succeeded. Their most successful content marketing project is American Express Unstaged. This channel syncs up some of the world’s biggest concerts and world-class artists. If you are a fan, not only can you view the concert live, but you can also select videos for before and after the concert. Coldplay is the biggest single-artist concert on YouTube as a result of Unstaged. Walter Frye, Entertainment Marketing and Sponsorship Direct at American Express, explained their content marketing projects like this; “Content is an important piece in all of our marketing effort. Extending our messaging through content is a great way for us to continue to convert our customers from simply seeing a message to considering our brand”.

2. L’Oréal

They shook hands with the Rolling Stone in order to uncover what the styles of unfolding artists are with their new Garnier Fructis brand. Chronicles were made when L’Oréal searched for new artists—but they also asked customers to determine who will be on the Rolling Stone cover. This followed with a chain of content marketing focused on this. It wouldn't be surprising if I said that Garnier Fructis ended up partnering with Rolling Stone. In 2012, Women Who Rock was part of this content marketing campaign as well! Once again, L’Oréal lured customers to get involved. This company most definitely knows their stuff when it comes to content marketing. I wonder what they have in store for 2014?

3. Virgin Mobile

This is another huge brand, which also knows their stuff and just continues to build buzz wherever they go. They launched Virgin Mobile Live which is a social newsroom where publishing is done more than once or twice a day. But this doesn't just stop with news: it’s got features such as music, apps and web memes. When it comes Virgin Mobile and content marketing, they are not shy to show off and be in the spotlight! Their aim is not just to increase their followers, but also to reach followers on a much deeper level!

4. Sears

Who doesn't love fitness? More than 50% of the population is into fitness and wellness. This is where Sears grabbed the change with their content marketing strategy and created FitStudio. This is an online fitness resource that connects with wellness communities. Experts share unique tips and content and the followers can then re-tweet and share.

5. Colgate

Their content marketing strategy is all about tips, guides and resources. We all know that the key to content marketing success is providing valuable content to your followers and Colgate knows this. This oral and dental health resource center has videos and over 400 articles. Colgate uses their knowledge to teach and inform people about oral and dental Hhealth and they know it works!

6. Marriott

Renaissance hotels are a lifestyle brand for Marriott. They created 2 different platforms for people that want to see the world. Live life to DiscoverSM will help visitors discover the city past their hotel room. Then there’s RLife LIVE for music, films, food and drinks inside the hotels. All these are very high-value content and that is what attracts people. With a limited budget they have to create ways and means that are relevant for a global brand. Marriott believes that their content marketing lives primarily in the offline world with the experiences of their hotel guests, only then can content go online.

7. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a very firm believer in content marketing—as you have seen in Coca-Cola's digital marketing article. They’ve got 24/7 connectivity with followers which results in marketers needing more and more content that is fresh and unique. Coca-Cola simply lives by the saying “Fat and fertile ideas at the core”.

Just because these are big, international brands, doesn't mean you can’t “copy” these content marketing strategies—I believe that these are powerful, inexpensive strategies that will add tons of value to your content marketing.

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