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9. 01. 2014

6 Creative Ways to Use Vine for Social Media Marketing

Vine is a mobile app that is a must for any small business that’s in social media marketing. Vine is owned by Twitter and it lets users generate and post petite video clips with the max length of 6 seconds. Not only can videos be shared, but they can also be embedded on social networking services like Facebook.


1. Reveal your products—Vine can be used to reveal anything and everything about your product or service to your customers. By anything and everything, I simply mean telling your customers exactly how your product or service works. How-to videos are great ways of explaining to your followers how your product works.

2. Introduce your team—Use Vine to introduce your staff members to your customers, but keep this fun or even silly. Ask your staff members to reveal something about themselves that few people know. Take some time out to take your customers behind the scenes of your brand. By introducing your team and what goes on behind the scenes or “secrets” about your staff, you will make your customer feel important and part of your team in a sense.

3. Use Vine for testimonials—Get some of your customers to give you a testimonial video of your service or product. Remember that potential new customers want to know how awesome your service or product is. When you have real testimonials from real customers, your potential new customers will feel more comfortable. This is also a fun and inexpensive way to get more traffic for your brand. With testimonials you are able to build your brand, increase traffic and build credibility for your brand.

4. Create short reviews—Most people are potential critics these days as a result of the web itself. Use Vine to create short reviews on specific topics. Although 6 seconds is very short, it is still long enough for customers to make up their own mind about a product or service. If you think about it, most people scroll down anyway to get to the juicy stuff, so, 6 second is long enough for reviews.

5. Holiday postcards—Everyone loves holidays and creating postcards with Vine for the holidays is a good way to attract existing and potential new customers. Holiday postcards can be used for all holidays, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter. All you have to do with Vine postcards is to shoot numerous clips of the specific holiday. Your followers will see this video instantly and those who are not following you, well, you can send them a link to the video via email and they will be able to see it as well.

6. Stop motion animations—This is a form of animation which sees the creator move stationary figures around one frame at a time in order to create the illusion of movement. Vine is the perfect tool to create stop motion animations for you brand. Animations are fun and kids will love these! At the same time they will get their parents to see the stop motion animations, thus getting more traffic for your brand.

All in all, Vine is the perfect tool to capture life in motion and share it with your customers and followers. Get your 6 seconds of fame on a daily basis with this awesome app!

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