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3. 01. 2014

How Will Digital Marketing Trends Influence 2014

Has the Internet changed so much over the years that the way info is shared is different than a couple of years ago? The answer to that question is YES! The aim has been placed on inbound techniques, rather than outbound techniques. Your next question might be if there are any digital marketing trends that will influence 2014. Once again, the answer is YES!I’m going to discuss 5 digital marketing trends that will most definitely have an impact in the New Year.


1. The less the better

Have a look at Pinterest: they pride themselves on their crisp and no clutter charisma. This digital marketing trend of less is better is becoming more and more noticeable in big names like Apple and Google, as they focus on “simple” marketing. With too in-depth marketing campaigns, your customers might feel very overwhelmed to say the least. Your digital marketing can still scream “buy me” with less info. There is an article by Forbes that said “there is a sense that from the hyper-connectivity of our highly-digitized lives to the bright, flashy, complicated sensory input we’re fed every day, there is no way to continue at this pace. As a result, 2013 is likely to be a year where the most successful marketing strategies will be the ones that are not only simple in nature, but promote goods and services that serve to simplify the consumer’s life, or even just their customer experience.”

2. Mobile-friendly content and websites

The heading kind of speaks for itself… More than 50% of people use their mobile to search for people, places and things—people are on the go these days and if you don’t have mobile-friendly content and website, you are in a big problem. Statistics show that 34% of U.S. adults own tablets and 56% of U.S. adults own smartphones—this is JUST the U.S, what about the rest of the globe? Then I don't even mention the kids and minors that have smartphones and tablets these days. All that I really can say about this point is--- get mobile-friendly and fast!

3. Content marketing will be huge

Companies are focusing on building trust and relationships with their customers through content marketing—one digital marketing trend that will keep on sky-rocketing. This includes not only product and service information, but also providing some sort of entertainment for your followers and customers. Doing this will create a really good rapport with your customers. There are some channels that can be followed with this digital marketing trend like social media, articles and blogs, case studies and eNewsletters. This will enhance your reputation and keep it positive. Remember that TV and Radio ads are not that effective anymore and, probably, the statistics will just keep on going down with these. Build content that will create a huge buzz for your brand.

4. Images are powerful

By placing your focus on images, you will get your customers enticed in your brand—this way your content will be easy and fast the “chew”. Take Pinterest again: the content is image-based. By placing images in your content you will be able to put the spotlight on specific points. You can also take infographics as an example where you have minimal text, but you explain statistical info or research studies. It's not true that text will ever really fall away completely, but you have to start adding images when you do digital marketing.

5. Variety with social media marketing is a must

We used to be limited to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but have a look at all the other social media marketing tools and apps that are available today. Some might never get off the ground, but things like Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram have become digital marketing trends that you can’t ignore. With all these tools and apps, you get a huge variety of sites to put content and build relationships with your followers not only on one site.

Download ''How To Attract Customers With Facebook'' Guide With all that being said, it’s obvious that if you don’t follow the digital marketing trends, you will be left out and stuck in the past. What do you think about digital marketing trends and do you have any more to share? Leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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