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SaaS Marketing Strategy

30. 12. 2013

5 Awesome Tools That Make Your Mobile Marketing Easier

There are too many mobile applications now, but in this article we've narrowed them down for you to a list of 5 must-have apps. We want you to enjoy your business, without the hassle of going to look for apps in your time, so here they are.

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1. Track your calls with LogMyCalls

This mobile marketing app is not only a call tracking web application, it’s so much more. LogMyCalls will automatically scrutinize the content of a call. With this app you can gauge lead quality, track conversations, attribute leads and improve your marketing performance. When you download LogMyCalls you will have access to the following:

  • Conversation analytic
  • Marketing automation
  • Scheduled reports
  • Dynamic number insertion x3
  • Integration
  • Ease-of-use
  • Customer service

2. Let your customers find you with Yelp

It is said that this awesome mobile marketing app has got more than 86 million individual users. But what is the whole point of Yelp? They are an American company that operates an online “urban” guide and review site. I believe what really makes Yelp special is the fact that it is started off as an email service for trading local business suggestions, then later they introduced social networking, discounts and mobile applications. People today search for places and things via the Internet, so getting Yelp for your business is a great way to get the map and let your customers find you.

3. Email marketing with MailChimp

With more than 4 million people using this mobile marketing app, MailChimp is no monkey-business. With MailChimp you are able to create, send and track email newsletters, but the important is that it is free for up to 2,000 subscribers. Email marketing is great way to connect with your customers, but you are not always in front of your computer, so with this app, you can still do email marketing wherever you are…with your mobile. You can use reports to improve your email marketing, but also learn about your subscribers. This is perfect for people on the go!

4. Creative Facebook content with ShortStack

Creativity is at your fingertips with ShortStack which lets you create special Facebook apps. What is really great about this mobile marketing app is the fact that it will connect with services you’re already using like blogs, Twitter, etc. If you want to really connect with your customers and fans with ease, you should look at giving ShortStack a go. Everything is integrated with this mobile marketing app.

5. Get up to speed with SMS marketing with Mogreet Express

Now this might not sound alluring, but SMS is more effective than you might think. Studies showed that 97% of mobile subscribers read an SMS within 15 minutes of getting it. And 84% respond within 1 hour. With Mogreet Express you are able to send product updates, promotions, coupons and special announcements. There's an example of how powerful this mobile marketing app is: Coca-Cola focuses 70% of their mobile marketing budget on SMS— So that says it all !

Get your mobile marketing going in 2014 with these 5 awesome apps. I believe they are a must-have in any business, no matter big or small.

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