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30. 12. 2013

13 Most Shared Video Ads In 2013

The end of the year is here and what's better than watching the 13 most shared video ads of 2013? I have some favorites on this list, but I am going to let you decide for yourself!


1. Dove: Real beauty sketches with 4.24 million shares

Dove altered their marketing game plan to a completely different avenue. They decided to focus more on building self-esteem and celebrating REAL women with their advertising.

This video ad will make you feel awesome about yourself after you watch it, as it carries a positive message, which is why I believe it’s the most shared video ad of 2013.

2. GEICO: Hump day with 4.03 million shares

Hump day might be something of the past, but with this short 30 second video, it’s apparent that it’s still funny—it is number 2 on the list of most shared videos, so they did a good job.

3. Evian: Baby & me with 3.34 million shares

I really liked this video, who knows if other people will find it appealing, but I sure did.

Check out number 3 most shared video.

4. Kmart: Ship my pants with 3.05 million shares

Ha Ha…very funny! No wonder its number 4 most shared video.

5. Cornetto: Yalin with 2.9 million shares

Not a clue what this has to do with Cornetto, but it sure explains why exactly storytelling is a hit!

Wait…maybe it’s the young couple running past an ice-cream van? Even so, the “romantic” feel of the ad is still adorable.

6. Budweiser: Brotherhood with 2.72 million shares

Feel like a Budweiser and getting a horse? This most shared ad…takes one home…

7. Pepsi Max: Test drive with 2.69 million shares

So, a Google search revealed that Jeff Gordon is a stock-car racer. His insistence at the end of the video that it’s fun seems like a crappy defense for the dealership not to call the cops.

After watching the video...Did you see the salesmen’s face?

8. MGM/Carrie: Telekinetic coffee shop surprise with 2.17 million shares

Just to add to the fun and people’s reactions! How epic is this most shared video?

Just goes to show…caffeine is not always good for you—wink wink.

9. Ram Trucks (Chrysler): Farmer with 1.88 million shares

Listening to Garth Brooks and drinking yet another Budweiser.

10. Volvo: The epic split feat. Van Damme with 1.82 million shares

Quite amazing that this is one of the most shared video’s as it was only uploaded on 15 November.

Jean Claude Van Damme achieves the impossible or does he…check it out.

11. Neft Vodka: Biting elbows with 1.32 million shares

This one is a bit graphic so we're not putting the actual video on…but still on our list of most shared videos.

12. TrueMove: Giving with 1.26 million shares

On that note…this is a moving tale of hope and serendipity! Weird how some videos appear on the same platform, isn't it?

13. PooPourri: Girls don’t poop with 1.24 million shares

Rather disturbing, but still one of our most shared videos and it’s still a good ad!

Now that you watched the top 13 most shared videos, share your thoughts with us, we’d love to hear what you think.


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