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28. 12. 2013

10 Of The Year's Top Apps For Entrepreneurs and CEOs

In today's busy life, few of us have time for the 'nitty-gritty' admin tasks, but we put together a list of top apps for serious entrepreneurs and CEO's.

Working Hard-3


Most of us are masters at forgetting appointments, but with Any.Do those days are gone! This free and simple top app lets you organize your calendar. Scheduling important meetings has never been this easy and it’s at your fingertips. I suggest you make an appointment to download this app as soon as possible and avoid missing that important meeting with your prospective client.


When it comes to files, documents and photos, there’s nothing as old-fashioned as emailing a file to yourself. Dropbox is certainly a top app for any CEO in any business. Dropbox makes sharing photos, documents and files easy as pie. Dropbox is free, so why not join the 200 million users and start sharing professionally!


Archiving and note taking has never been this fun. The notes that you save, can be sorted in folders, then tagged, edited, searched and exported. This top app is free, but has a premium paid version. You should make a note to get Evernote if you’re looking for a top app to serve this purpose.


Yes, you are important! The days of visiting a bunch of websites with too many different steps to log in, is over! This top app called Ego, allows you to check your website statistics, while you’re on the go. There’s more to do with this top app than just checking statistics, you can view the number of daily, hourly and monthly visits to your website, as well as the number of followers on Twitter. Gone are the step-by-step website, with Ego you can do it all in one go.


How cool would it be if there was some sort of app that had all your travel plans in ONE place? No need to search any further; TripIT does exactly that. This top app organizes your travel plans into an itinerary; just send a confirmation email to and this “virtual secretary” will take care of the rest. You can access your plans at any time, either from a computer or from your mobile device.


This web and mobile top app is designed to sky-rocket your communication with your team. It was designed by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and engineer Justin Rosenstein. Communication and collaboration with your team is of the utmost importance and with Asana, this is totally possible, easy and fun.


Salaries can be very tedious, but with this top app making payments can be quick and easy. Dwoll provides an online payment system and mobile payments network by the same name. Dwolla is very popular among users of Bitcoin which allows users to buy Bitcoins with dollars transferred to the exchange via Dwolla.


Partnering up with this top app might not be such a dumb idea. AngelList is US website for raising equity or debt investments for startup businesses. Although only accredited investor can invest, it does not handle any investment funds. So, if you are looking for an accredidted investor for your power start-up business, this seems like the route to go.


Accounting, invoicing and billing made effortless with this top app. Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting system that takes the effort out of these tedious admin tasks.

Dragon Dictation

This easy-to-use voice dictation top app is a must for any CEO! You can easily speak and view messages or emails and this is instant; as a matter of fact, 5 times faster than typing on your keyboard. View your texts faster than ever before.

This is my view on the top apps for CEO’s and entrepreneurs—if you are serious about your business, you might want to look at downloading these or at least the ones you don’t have yet.

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