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27. 12. 2013

The 2014 GooglePlus Marketing Guide

GooglePlus is the second biggest social media site. To put in simple words, if you don’t have a GooglePlus account, you won’t be able to use Google products to its fullest potential. But we want to look at the GooglePlus marketing guide for 2014 so you can be comfortable with it as the New Year rolls in:



Motivate participation with captivating content

You always have to give your customers a good reason to visit your GooglePlus page. Don’t focus on promotions and ads: rather engage in some sort of conversation with them by posting interesting content. Now, there are a couple of guidelines to follow here, as you need to be sure to target the right market for your brand.

  • Determine which audience you want to target—if this is not done, there’s just no point, as you won’t get new customers.
  • Creativity is always a PLUS—nothing in life has to be boring and your content is part of that.
  • Mix it up—there are so many different types and styles of creating content, make use of it.
  • Share with a number of GooglePlus tools—GooglePlus is there to assist you and there are a number of tools to use to share your content.

Connect with Circles and Communities

There is nothing as important as connecting with your customers. Go to networking events on a regular basis, as it can be too good for your business—but this is in person connecting. That doesn’t mean that online connecting is any different!

Organizing your contacts into circles is important when creating content, but you can also add to your relationships this way. Maybe sort your customers from your industry leaders, this way, you won’t get everyone confused and the right content will go to the right people.

Similar to LinkedIn, GooglePlus makes use of the community structure, which makes it easier to share ideas, encourage +1s and gain more visibility. Just like you can create a community, you can also join a community to get even more visibility.

Hosting a Hangout

Hosting a hangout on GooglePlus can be really cool and silly at the same time, but also important for your marketing. Hangout is exactly what it says: a place to go where you can chat, share content with your friends. All of us need a place to go where we can just chat and share some news, with GooglePlus hosting a hangout, that is totally possible. Hangout on GooglePlus is a video chatroom that can be shared with any of your circles; you can even offer it to friends via email. That being said though, you have to have a GooglePlus account, a webcam and a mic in order to join the hangout. But how is this relevant to your Small Business?

  • You can have Meetings
    Hangouts on GooglePlus allow you to have a online video meeting with up to 9 people. A lot of people use Skype, but they only allow 2 people to share a video with the free service. GooglePlus is a great way around this AND it's free. This is great way of connecting with your co-workers and customers that's far away.
  • Customer Service Matters
    Hangout is a potential platform for customer support, with a built-in support for desktop screen sharing. This service on GooglePlus most definitely replaces the old-fashioned helpdesk AND it's a fun way to help customers and keep them satisfied.
  • Video Show
    This feature is called Hangouts On Air and allows you to record any proceeding and automatically publish them to YouTube. This is a inexpensive way to share videos with your customers, but it's fun as well.
  • Important Announcements
    You don't have to go the route where you send out newsletters every week, just announce it on your hangout on GooglePlus. Yes, you can only have 9 people join a hangout, but many more are able to watch the proceedings, provided you made it public. Word of mouth can really spread with GooglePlus hangouts.

Perhaps now would be a good time for you to invest in creating GooglePlus account and let your marketing sky rocket in 2014. Follow this very easy 24 Step GooglePlus Guide and get cracking on your marketing for 2014!

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