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26. 12. 2013

5 Small Business Leadership Tips From Santa Claus

Who's world’s one of the most loved person? Santa Claus of course. This year the tables have turned, as he gave us a list of small business leadership tips to share with you. We made a promise to him that we will give it out in order to help you grow you small business leadership skills.


1.  Build a Constant Brand

When people hear your name, they automatically link certain thoughts and emotions to it. In order for their feelings and thoughts to be good, your brand has to be consistent. Your brand lies in your customers mind as a result of influence by your brand through your logo, your product, your marketing and everything that goes with your brand.

Something as your address will make an impression on your customer. Remember that as human beings, we perceive certain things as a result of how we were brought up, as well as our cultural differences, so paying attention to these small things, can really play a big part in your brand. A good place to start will be following these steps:

  • Clarify WHY you are in the type of business you are
  • Try putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and think about what their thoughts would be when hearing your name
  • Think words…what words would you want people to use when talking about your business
  • Identify the benefits you want your customers to link to your brand
  • Explain your brand
  • Better your brand with every mark you make

You have to make it a goal to keep on developing a consistent brand!

2.  Santa delivers on his promise

If Santa makes a promise, he keeps it, why should you be any different; BIG plus in small business leadership. Make sure that you and your staff, as well as your product or service, lives up to its promise. You cannot promise a customer something and then not see it through—that is the fastest way that your brand’s name will get negative attention.

3 Offer free of low-cost delivery

Santa ddoesn'tcharge for delivery and you could do the same—or at least offer low-cost delivery. Time is very important to customers; so on-time deliveries is important—if you won’t make it or running late, let your customer know, always keep them in the loop.

But high-quality delivery is just very important in small business leadership, especially when it’s the holiday season. Has Santa ever been late with his deliveries? In a study that was done in 2010 by Great Britain’s Royal Mail, 73% of customers voted for free delivery for online shopping—that is huge.

A couple of other things that also plays a role in small business leadership is some sort of delivery tracking service, customer service and always being able to define where goods must be delivered.

4.  Communication is of the utmost importance

Santa only delivers once a year, but he is in regular contact right throughout the year with kids about what they have on their wish list. If you want your small business leadership skills to make a difference, you must make it your goal to sustain on-going communications with your customers on a personal level.

Send out once a month newsletters for instance. Your customers will appreciate it when you let them know what the new buzz for your brand is.

5. Be in your Small Business because you love it

Have you ever seen Santa angry because he has to work? No, because he always has a smile on his face when he’s working and he simply LOVES spoiling kids. There are so many business owners out there that are in it for the money only—if you are one of them, you might want to re-consider this.

If you don’t love what you do, your customers will "feel" that and then the personal touch is out the window! Your work has to be fun for you and for you customers—they will come back for seconds if they see how much you love what you do. This is powerful small business leadership tip to have.

Now that we've given you the list of Santa's small business leadership tips, try applying these in 2014 and see how your business shoots through the roof with good reviews and customers that keeps on coming back.

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