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23. 12. 2013

WestJet Holiday Video Goes Viral As Marketing Gold

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers purely for the purpose of selling that product or service. A marketing campaign satisfies the needs and wants of customers through exchange processes and by building long term relationships. There’s a specific marketing campaign I want to look at today; WestJet’s recent festive surprise!


This year, WestJest wanted to do something big, exciting and fresh. Rewind to November 2013. With the help 175 WestJet volunteers, 3 airports and Santa, they made delivered a brilliant marketing campaign: Christmas miracle for more than 250 guests on 2 Calgary-bound flights. Knowing that Santa has very busy time ahead and can’t be everywhere, WestJet he
lped spread some Christmas magic to their guests. But what exactly happened?

WestJet, an airline in Canada, made huge impressions via the net with their fresh soul-stirring marketing campaign when they showered their customers with gifts. The airline did a survey to find out what each passenger would like for Christmas. Then…upon arriving at their destination, the passengers of 2 planes received just what they asked from Santa. It was not unusual when passengers were very surprised when the baggage claim carousal started rolling with gifts for everyone. One specific boy received an Android Tablet and one family a 50-inch TV. This is for sure one way of spreading a bit a holiday cheer!

Now, there are 5 competing concepts under which any organization can choose to operate their business;

  • The production concept
  • The product concept
  • The selling concept
  • The marketing concept
  • And the holistic marketing concept

I fully believe that the marketing concept is the better one! Without marketing campaigns, how will you get new customers? Without marketing campaigns, how will you engage with your customers? And without marketing campaigns, how will your business survive?

Marketing campaigns focus on the needs and wants of your customers and have been used since the 1970’s. Marketing orientation is perhaps the most common orientation in contemporary marketing. It involves a firm essentially basing its marketing campaigns around the marketing concept, thus supplying products and services to suit the needs of their customers.

Now, Holistic marketing is where EVERYTHING matters in marketing. This is something that has only been used since the 21st Century, so it’s still very new. With a Holistic marketing campaign, you will look at marketing as a complex activity and acknowledge that everything matters in marketing. A Holistic marketing campaign also recognizes that a board and integrated perspective is necessary in developing, designing and implementing programs and activities. I cannot speak for WestJet, but I do feel that they chose to go the Holistic marketing route with this Christmas marketing campaign they did.

So, have a look at the WestJet Video and give us your thoughts.

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