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23. 12. 2013

The Secrets of the World's Most Successful Mobile Apps

There’s back-breaking work and then there’s luck. BUT there’s something else…that bite that characterize the most successful mobile apps from the rest of them. If there’s one thing you cannot ignore, it's building a brand that customers want.

 World's most successful mobile apps

 Working Hard-4

Let me take you into the world of huge success of the world’s most successful mobile apps.

1. Instagram

Founder Kevin Systrom let some dominant bloggers try a test-run of the app before the official release. Jack Dorsey of Twitter was soon using it to send photos to his Twitter followers. Word-of-mouth was powerful of course and Instagram hit the world by storm. This successful mobile app had 25,000 users in the first 24 hours, 300,000 by the 3rd week and then into the tens of millions! What made a difference here as well was the fact that this successful mobile app launched right after the launch of the iPhone4. Instagram also made it very easy to push pics from the app into social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, without locking the pics into the app. Then boom…a trick to upload pics SUPER-fast made all the difference to users who wanted instant gratification.

2. Snapchat

Founders spread word about this successful mobile app to college friends at Stanford University. It only had lift-off once it made its way into the high school scene; very popular way to communicate for teens. The group messaging functionality was their secret ingredient. Mass snaps feel personalized due to evoking strong emotions with minimal friction!

3. Evernote

In an interview, Phil Lebin told the secrets how Evernote became a successful mobile app from day 1. These secrets were the press coverage and a closed beta. TechCrunch wrote about the closed beta which spared the flare for its growth. It was within days that Evernote received thousands of signups for its beta. And of course, the first couple of users spread the word. This successful mobile app was also obsessed about being in all the app store launches on day 1. With every new device or platform launch, Evernote had the app ready to be submitted.

4. Clear

At first, it was about building a successful mobile app that would have been a major leap forward in app design. NO BUTTONS! This successful mobile app’s “special-ness” was the simplicity of use in a highly cluttered and complex set of to-do list apps. The hot-ness for this app was in its usability with a no-nonsense interface; dominated by natural interaction instincts, stripping it bear of all complex features. You can maintain a list quickly and in a fun way with this successful mobile app. The founders were also very clear in their marketing strategy. They went all out with tech blog coverage based on demos. They had teaser videos before it hit the market. They also invited select members of the media to beta-test the app and to see if they fancied the app. When this successful mobile app was showed off for the first time at a Mac World conference in Jan 2012, a demo video was uploaded to Vimeo and has been watched 814,000 times!

5. Camera+

The founders of this successful mobile app went big on their launch when they went with the most popular social services that were most relevant to their app. They chose Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and email for Camera+. They made the sharing feature better than any other similar feature out on the app store. The launch promotion included a contest for $10,000+ worth of camera equipment which certainly got people talking! They did not solely depend on domestic sales. They drew large crowds from international markets, apart from the US. A video demonstration of version 1.2 built a lot of hype for the successful mobile app as well!

These are just 5 of the world’s most successful apps and their stories! How you get people talking about your business is up to you, but you might want to use this as guidelines.

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