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20. 12. 2013

6 Growth Hacking Tactics in 2014

 Growth Hacking is a marketing technique. It uses creativity, analytic thinking and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. This is incredibly important when starting a new business. Why? Because it uses a “lean” launch that focuses on “growth first, budget second”. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Dropbox are just some of the companies that use growth hacking techniques. But what techniques are out there when it comes to growth hacking? Incredo will share some of the techniques with you today.


1. Make it your goal to understand your users

Solving problems should play a big part in your business. The best way to look at this is “how well you resolve the problem, depends on how well you understand it”. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and try seeing the problem from their perspective. As you come up with solutions, strive for continues feedback. This will enable you to build features that will assist you in acquiring and retaining customers. So your focus moves from building things your customers do not want.

2. First time user experience is important

Find out what are the important moments related to your product and then let your customers experience that moment. The “aha moment” of your customer should be so impressive, that they never forget it. If you pack it with value, you can watch the affinity grow. Your next goal would then be to deliver core value on a regular basis.

 3. Maximize content and social posting

This is not the first time that I have mentioned this, which is why you have to understand how important content and posting are. Make it your main aim to maximize the quality and frequency of inbound. Use some of the great tools out there to schedule posts, intercept mentions and keyword hit. Unusual content is always a winner!

4. A/B test

These tests separate the pros from the amateurs in digital marketing. Use them where you deliver 2 different forms of content to different users and compare their reactions. This will assist companies in gaining knowledge about customer preferences and behavior. Common properties to A/B test are email campaigns, features in apps and landing pages on the web.

5. Timing with emails is everything

Build emails to trigger on inactivity or multiple visits to the marketing site. Creativity is untapped here! You are allowed to take advantage of this most popular communication channel in business.

6. SEO

Also something I talk about a lot and the importance of it. Many businesses are under the impression that SEO does not apply to them: they are WRONG! The ability to dig into the technical nuances of SEO tactics is a major differentiating skill in growth hacking.

Growth hacking goes much deeper than just the term itself; it is a process and is literally the future of inbound marketing. This doesn't have to be a daunting term for you, let your creative side start flowing as you learn about growth hacking and apply it in your business.

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