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19. 12. 2013

Must Have Online Toolkit for Small Businesses

Starting a business is never easy and it can be very costly as well especially if you don't know from where to get the perfect toolkit? The good news is that there are a couple of free tools available that can help you get started, which I am going to share them with you today. Here’s a must have toolkit for small businesses.


Must Have Online Toolkit for Small Businesses

Sending e-mails and managing documents have never been so easy when you use Google Apps:

This is for sure a great start for your company toolkit. Google apps give you access to web-based e-mail, calendars and documents. I am personally a very big fan of Google apps as it is so user friendly. You can store, share and collaborate documents using the Google Drive. This cloud-based system is accessible on the web from anywhere. The bonus is that you can access it with your iPad, iPhone and Android phones as well when you are on the go!

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Mobile video chats made exciting with Fring:

As we all know by now, remote working is becoming the norm, but face-to-face conversations are still incredibly important. Make the distance “disappear” between you and your customers with this exciting tool for your toolkit. You can have a conversation with up to 4 people at once. Just like Google Apps, you can also make video calls from your Web browser, iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

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Managing payroll with Intuit Snap Payroll:

This pain-free payroll system is just amazing! All you do is type in an employee’s hours, work dates and pay rate and the handy iPhone app shows you how much to pay, as well as what to deduct for taxes. What’s more is that it keeps track of every check that was written, so gone are the days of spending wasted time with spreadsheets.

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Fresh accounting with FreshBooks:

FreshBooks is another way of minimizing your headaches. With this tool you can log hours spend on tasks, prepare estimates and send invoices. You can also accept payments from customers by credit card, PayPal or 13 other payment gateways. You can pull detailed reports on sales, expenses and other financials. What’s more is you can snap a picture of receipts in order to capture the expenses and automatically create invoices for your clients. Another must have for your toolkit.

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Need to have a brainstorm session? Do it with

If you have co-workers that are in different countries or far away from you, this social bookmarking service lets you organize your thoughts and share them with others. You can invite colleagues to collaborate on a page or simply switch to full-screen mode to make an online presentation.

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Build some buzz for a pre-launch with LaunchRock:

Creating excitement before you go live is very important, but also fun. This service lets you create a coming soon page on your website. Once you have created the page, a box will appear on the homepage to encourage people to sign up to receive e-mails from your company. Signing up will also qualify them for spreading the word on Social Media sites. Splash out with this app in your toolkit.

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Create your own newsletter campaigns with MailChimp:

Publishing newsletters will be quick and easy with MailChimp. You can create them and also share them on social media sites. But you can also log into your dashboard to track who has opened the newsletters.

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Starting your own business should be fun and exciting. With these tools you can let your dream come true faster and still have fun doing it. These apps take the hassle out of things like accounting and payroll, so you have more time to generate and build up your business.

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