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19. 12. 2013

10 Things You Don't Know About Twitter

Everyone knows the social network with the 140-character limit…Yes! I am talking about Twitter of course. Everyone from the Pope to President Barack Obama uses it, but what are the things most of the users don’t know about Twitter? We’re going to have a look at 10 things you probable don't know how take advantage of by using Twitter.


What are the things you don't know about Twitter?

  1. Sharing files—This service on Twitter empowers you to dish out files. Once you have singed in, you can tweet files up to 50 MB. Of course, this is very useful when it comes to your small business. File social is also exceptional mean of popularizing any concept. Check it out.
  2. Want to start a petition? This is also possible—Yes, it is possible to start a petition via Twitter and to fight for a cause using the power of the little blue tweeting bird. This is called Twitition. There are numerous applications up for grabs that will help anyone who is fighting against something they feel is right. Check it out
  3. Exchange a business card—TwtBizCard offers a very simple way of creating and sharing personalized business cards. Check it out
  4. Create a screen cast—This is by far one of the coolest things that you can do for fun or for SEO purposes via Twitter. Screenr is one of the best applications available! Check it out
  5. Share images—I am one of those who just adore a good photo, cause it speaks a thousand words. Flickr is a fantastic way of promoting your business or generating interest for your website. If you already have a Flickr account, then sharing images on Twitter will be easy as pie! Check it out
  6. Share a video—Also one of my personal favorites; there’s nothing as special as sharing the video of my child shining and dancing to a cool tune. With Vine this is totally possible and incredibly easy as well. A video is just exciting enough to put a smile on someone’s face when sharing special video with someone. Check it out
  7. Share music— works totally like Twitter does. When signing in, your Twitter account unifies with You can “blip” the song you are currently listening to; almost as special as sharing a video. Check it out
  8. Raise money—TwitPay is becoming very favored around the world. You can now raise money for whatever cause! RT2Give is brilliant for non-profit organizations and gives followers a chance to donate to a cause they really believe in. There’s also RT2Get for businesses that want to run campaigns or create some sort of freebie deal that will entice customers to become part of their industry. But wait there’s more...Are you a musician? RT2Buy is awesome for any kind of music artist. You can upload your latest song and present it to your Twitter followers. If followers re-tweet your song, they pay for it and the money will jump into your TwitPay account, with a email confirmation. Check it out
  9. Play some games—Playing games is a great way to distract yourself from the real world for a while. Spymaster has a strong following of admirers and some who don't dig it, therefore it's a game that any twitterer should be alert to. Addictive might not be the right word for this amusement, especially if you are one of those that's in love with cyber space. Check it out
  10. Find your dream Job—Moving onto a more serious subject; the employment situation that changes dramatically from one year to the next. TweetMyJob is certainly a way of making Twitter work for you. Check it out

With the knowledge that this article gave you about the endless possibilities that is available on Twitter, there is nothing left to say except…Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

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