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18. 12. 2013

The State of Small Businesses: The Sky is the Limit

These days there are so many new tools, new apps and new statistics for small businesses, which reminds once again the sky is the limit for them in 2014.

The Sky is the Limit


Let The Sky be the Limit in 2014

That being said, many new business owners are under the impression that marketing is just about advertising or selling, but it goes so much deeper than that. You also get those that think that marketing is getting people to buy things they don’t really want. If you classify yourself as one of the above, you might want to consider reading through this article and see how you feel afterwards. This article's aim is to coach you through some processes that you might want to look at, in order to believe that the sky is the limit in 2014.

Let’s look the saying “Perception is Projection”. This simple statement means that we see things not as they are, but as we are. This might sound confusing, but let me enlighten you. Human beings are meaning makers. We love to attribute meaning and label everything that we see, touch, taste, feel, or smell. This is useful: could you imagine how tedious it would be to navigate the world if we had to relearn how to open a door every time we approached one? No, instead we learn how to use a door once and then generalize that the rest of the doors we approach will operate in the same way. This is the process of how we learn. And this is also how we limit ourselves.

Now, let’s look at “limiting beliefs”. How many times have you gotten into a tough situation and done something "dumb"? Perhaps you even said to yourself, "Boy…I'll never do that again." But then the next time you were in a similar situation, you did the same "dumb" thing again. That's a limiting belief. Most people have limiting beliefs that slows or even halts their success. Unfortunately, the majority of people don't know that they have limiting beliefs. As such, they go along day after day doing and saying the same things over and over, all the while wondering why they never reach their goals or consider the fact that the sky is the limit. Don’t you agree that this can really hurt your business? In order for you to believe that the sky is the limit, you have to rid yourself of your limiting beliefs.

If you try following the next 5 steps, you will start believing that the sky is the limit for your small business in 2014.

1.  Recognize the most common limiting belief phrase

Limiting beliefs almost always begin with “I can’t, because…”, but as soon as you say because, you evoke the part of your brain that believes you have a reason. That’s when you stop trying. This WILL hurt your small business, no questions asked!

2.  Beware of the 5 most common limiting beliefs

It’s hopeless, I’m helpless, It’s useless, I’m blameless and I’m worthless.

3.  Always question your beliefs

For example if you believe “It’s hopeless,” ask “How is it possible?” If you believe “I’m helpless,” ask “What do I already know about it?” If you believe “It’s useless,” ask “How is it desirable?” If you believe “I’m blameless,” ask “How am I responsible?” If you believe “I’m worthless,” ask “How do I deserve it?” Since you most likely see other small businesses doing what you want and achieving what you want to achieve, you should know that your goals ARE possible. Analyze what these role models do and copy them so you can make progress.

4. Test your new thinking

Take whatever belief you have and turn it around completely. For example, if your limiting belief is “I cannot close this deal with a customer” you would test it by asking yourself “What resources do I have available that will suite my customers’ needs, in order to close the deal with him/her?” The main goal is to change your thought process and thereby your belief about a particular situation. When you open your mind to new possibilities, the sky is the limit!

5. A new belief – A new you

The goal of these steps is to get your brain to notice your limiting belief and to see the other side of the belief.

Having said all that, this takes some hard work and focus, but you will defiantly notice a difference in your small business when you start applying these and stop limiting yourself.



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