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18. 12. 2013

IBM's Top 5 Innovation Predictions for The Next 5 Years

It's revealed, IBM's top 5 Innovation Predictions

How did IBM open up? By revealing their top 5 innovation predictions for the next 5 years of course.

The IBM “5 in 5” is the 8th year in a row that they have made predictions about technology: this year’s prognostications are set to get the crowd talking. Bernie Meyerson, vice president of innovation at IBM, said that the goal of the predictions is to better marshal the company’s resources in order to make them come true. They try to get a sense of where the world is going, because that is where they put their efforts. He claims that the hard part is to nail down what you want to focus on. He also claims that unless you stick your neck out and say this is where the world is going, it’s hard to turn around and say you will get there first. These are seminal shifts, which IBM wants to enable.


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This is what IBM says:

  • The classroom will learn you
  • Buying local will beat online
  • Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well
  • A digital guardian will keep you safe online
  • The city will help you live in it

Here is something interesting to think about for a second; as computers get smarter, they will be built into more devices that help us do things when we need them to do. IBM believes this will amplify our human abilities! Let’s go into depth into one of the innovation predictions.

Let's go more into “The classroom will learn you.” The reason why I am choosing to go into depth into this one is purely based on the fact that education for our children is so incredibly important. If you agree with me, this will be very interesting to you too.

In 5 years, the classroom will learn you to help tailor instructions to your individual needs. IBM believes the classroom of the future will give educators the tools to learn about every single student. Essentially, this will provide students with a tailored curriculum from kindergarten to high school. It is no secret that your teacher spends a lot of time getting to know you every year, but if they already knew everything about how you learn? This to me is mind-blowing! IBM believes that teachers will use “Longitudinal Date” such as test scores, attendance and student behavior on electronic learning platforms. Sophisticated analytics delivered over cloud will help teachers make decisions about which students are at risk, their roadblocks and so much more. What if a teacher could pick up a problem like dyslexia or if a child has extraordinary abilities? With the classes being so big these days, the above mentioned is nearly impossible for a teacher to do themselves.

Now that you know this, what are your thoughts on innovation predictions?

 Article source VentureBeat

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