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17. 12. 2013

Snapchat - What Can It Do For Your Small Business

Snapchat started like no any other social media app: sending funny, sexy and other quick pictures and videos to friends. Sounds like a fun app for youngsters but now it’s the next big thing for marketing teams. This multimedia messaging app is now prime real estate for innovative marketing campaigns and I’d say that now is the time to get in on it. A brand-advertising feature is yet to emerge: your brand should get a head start.


Using Snapchat for your small business

The question however is: what can Snapchat do for your small business? Here is something to think about for a second. Brands like 16 Handles and Diet Coke are not the only ones who see the potential in Snapchat. Some big financial bankers think it’s a good idea too. Snapchat is funded partly by General Catalyst, SV Angel, Benchmark Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Snapchat is also currently valued at $800 million according to Forbes. Will your small business be among the early adopters to enjoy a competitive advantage?

What are some of the great Snapchat marketing ideas?

Flash Sales—You can let your customers know about sales and Snap them a coupon or keyword they have to use in order to cash in.

Secret Menu Item—Make up a secret menu item that customers could only eat that day.

Snapchat Contest—Create a contest where your users have to write down your 10 keywords or images in order to win something.

Hello from Company—Give you snap users a quick “Hello” just because you can.

Fill in the Blank—As you are able to add test to any image, leave the middle word out and have your snap users guess it on Twitter or Facebook to get a sale.

Speedy Snap Responses—Send your customers a Snap letting them know that the first to respond with a Snap back will win a prize.

Build your Following—Have your Snapchat followers get their friends to follow you. When they send you proof of these followers, have each new friend send you a Snap to verify, and then reward them all with a fun freebie.

Now that you havve more or less an idea of what Shapchat is about and how you can use it for your marketing, tell us how you feel about this revolutionary new app. 

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