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16. 12. 2013

Top 7 SEO Mistakes That Hurt Small Businesses

SEO is vitally important for all small businesses. Many businesses owners they don’t have enough time or resources for SEO and hence these limitations and luck of dedication sometimes lead to fatal  SEO mistakes that hurt their small business presence. Here are 7 most common SEO mistakes that we believe can hurt small businesses if they are not avoided on time.

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#1 Discarding local 

Don’t ignore it – 1 in 3 searches on Google are focused on place and location—mobile search is increasingly focused on local. So in order for your small business to reach its target audience, you have to start concentrating on local searches- time and energy will be effectively spent if you rank high on this front.

#2 Forgetting about social media

As a small business, you might think that social media is no biggy—WRONG! If you set up social media accounts and ignore them, you are just leaving empty, outdated profiles. You are also missing out on prime opportunities to increase your search engine visibility and social proof of your content. Start getting active on social media and share your valuable content on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and so on. 

#3 Duplicate postings on your site 

We all make mistakes, but if you are starting to make this mistake over and over again, you have to get behind the problem and fix it fast. Instead of duplicate content, why not consider well written information that balances keyword usage with a better story and experience? The content of your website is the single most important SEO aspect that you never need to save money on. 

#4 Forgetting to post new content 

This point goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. You have to stay active on your site. By active I mean continuously posting new content. If your content marketing strategy is not constant, you will lose opportunities to your competitors and on the other hand you will lose the opportunity to be connected and engaged with your potential customers.

#5 Misjudging the hard work that goes into SEO 

Remember that SEO is a marathon not a sprint and  every successful SEO strategy takes long-term commitment. Get someone who knows the ins and outs about SEO and your money is worth to invest in their work1 

#6 Ignoring title tags and meta descriptions 

Don’t take these for granted, they do make a difference. If done correctly, you will definitely notice a difference in the traffic on your site. Meta descriptions they are not an SEO factor anymore, but the importance of meta descriptions to increase your CTRs is still making a differnce, so you never should ignore them. 

#7 Jumping into things and not taking it slow 

Don’t just jump into this and do it without really planning it. Before you can start building links, you have to check how many backlinks you already have, what kind of link aquistion strategies are bing done your competitor and what opportunities are missed. 

Having said all this, there are so many SEO tactics that you can follow—be careful of short term gain, long term loss tactics. SEO is an essential key in your online business success, think it twice before you unlock the door.

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