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23. 12. 2013

9 Tools To Power Up Your Pinterest Marketing

After just 3 years, Pinterest is quickly becoming an everyday tool to pin things on your boards about your business. The question however is what tools can be used to boost your Pinterest marketing?


#1 Transforming reviews into an Image 

Images are your main aim on Pinterest and you can really maximize your Pinterest marketing by turning your content into a visual format. You should get creative and think way past simple product shots—explore more creative ways to turn your reviews, case studies and positive PR into an image.

#2 Share a quote 

ShareAsImage is a really rad extension that lets you create pictures on the fly from any webpage, including your own. We all know that image quotes are the bees knees and they tend to go viral on Pinterest, so worth the shot when you're doing Pinterest Marketing!

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#3 Woobox Pinterest Tab

Tapping into your community is defiantly a way to increase your followers. Install a Pinterest tab for your Facebook fan page—this will allow your Facebook fans to view your Pinterest without any problem!

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#4 PinAlerts 

This speaks for itself—alerts will be sent to you via email when someone pins something directly from your site. This is also another great way to build your community, but also track your repins, thus you can evaluate your Pinterest marketing every day.

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#5 Postris

Postris is a content discovery dashboard, which will help you to stay on the top of what is hot and trending on Pinterest. Postris is a free service and uses the most popular pinners, boards and pins.

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#6 Wisestamp

Most of you send and receive tons of thousands of emails every day, so why not let them work for you? Wisestamp lets you create awesome personalized email signatures for your web-based email accounts, including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. It’s a free service, but if you want to upgrade to Premium, it ranges from $36-$199.

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#7 Pinvolve

Want to pin something seamlessly from Facebook to Pinterest, to create hype for your Pinterest marketing? The answer is Pinvolve. This is a nutty cool app that automatically synchs Facebook with Pinterest. You can create a spate tab on your fan page similar to the Woobox tab. Pinvolve arranges your content in a Pinterest-like format, but also pulls in any Facebook likes and comments linked to that specific post.

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#8 Tailwind

This is a robust analytic and campaign management tool for Pinterest. It helps you discover your most influential followers, popular posts, track engagement on your account and monitor your competition.

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#9 ViralTag 

 ViralTag offers bulk scheduling for multiple accounts and access to analytic across several platforms. ViralTag joined forces with Hootsuite so that pro users can schedule pins directly from the Hootsuite dashboard using this ViralTag app.

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These are just 9 tips to boost your Pinterest marketing. There are more and new ones seem to be popping up every day. Pick a couple on this list and start small, take baby steps and grow from there. We all have to start somewhere and I would say this is a pretty solid start for your Pinterest marketing.

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