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15. 12. 2013

Private Messaging With Instagram Direct Without Anything or Anyone In-Between

There are so many different messaging apps available, but on 12 December 2013, Instagram joined this mobile messaging world. Instagram announced in front of a small crowd that they now have a revolutionary app for android that lets you send direct messages, videos and pictures. Unlike Facebook, Instagram has been mostly public social networking, but this announcement certainly marks a whole new level for the company! The app feature is called Instagram Direct.


Just think about this for a second, the fact that you can now send private messages to your followers, including photos and videos, of course, makes this so much more exciting. Now you can connect privately via Instagram Direct without the worry of an unauthorized person seeing what you said or what video you want your chosen follower to watch.

But, how does Instagram Direct work exactly? When you post a picture, you will now see two new tabs: Followers and Direct. With Direct, you can choose a specific person and write a special Instagram Direct message, which will only go to the person you chose. The really great part is that you can send private messages to up to 15 people! When you receive a photo, you’ll see a little inbox icon on the top right corner of the app, which will send you directly to your new messages. You can chat privately one-on-one or with a group of people.

Instagram Direct adds a new layer of engagement to the app. Users can now start up conversations, which shouldn’t be difficult considering they’re watching their friends lives unfold in pictures.

Just do yourself a favor and watch this video of Instagram Direct:

Now that you know about Instagram Direct, let us know how you will use this app or will it be just another alternative picture service like Snapchat?

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