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SaaS Marketing Strategy

15. 12. 2013

Social Media Marketing - Pin it with Pinterest

You have all probably heard about Pinterest as a fast growing social network. Have you ever thought how it boost your marketing if you are marking your business online?

For my personal usage I absolutely love Pinterest! I can pin important dates, like the kids’ parties or lunch with my mom. Pinterest is a fun pin-board like style photo or article sharing social media site that allows users to create and manage image collections. This can be done for so much more than just events, it can be a pin for a hobby, a special recipe or some amazing gifts you saw that might seem of interest of your followers.



Just like Facebook, you can “like” pins, but you can also re-pin something significant to your own board. On your board, you can create different “folders” for those of you that are like me with a bit of obsessive compulsive disorder, and like specific things in specific folders.

Pinterest can be used to upload, save, sort and manage images and other media content. If you are a business, this is great for social media marketing, but you can also use it for your personal life. Pinning things are rapidly becoming an everyday joyful activity.

What’s really awesome is the fact that at the 2012 Webby Awards, Pinterest won an award for the best social media app and peoples' voice for the best functioning visual design. How great is that?

Pinterest’s growth is climbing every day and people use Pinterest on a daily basis, so why should you be left with no pin board? Get up to date and create a Pinterest account and start pinning!

Buzz up your social media marketing little bit today to create some hype for your brand. Pin it up and share some stories and pics with us! You may consider also following Incredo on Pinterest for all our latest posts on marketing infographics, creative business cards and so on. 

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