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13. 12. 2013

9 Tips For Holiday Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a great way to connect and engage with your customers. The question is: have you already decided how to keep your Instagram cheerful during this festive season? If not here are some great tips on how better interact with your customers

holiday instagram marketing tips

1. Jolly-up your Instagram 

There is nothing more joyful than putting some festivity on your Instagram. The festive season is about decorations, lights and happiness, so why not decorate your Instagram with cheerfulness?

2. Engage and ask questions 

Interact with your customers. Ask questions about their festive season plans: it can be from what they are planning for Christmas day, to what gifts they have in mind for certain people. This way, you will catch their attention and they will be interacting with you easier.

3. Talk to them using the pronoun “you”

Talk to your customers as if they are standing in front of you, avoid talking in the 3rd person. Instagram is a friendly, personal website, keep it that way.

4. Let your customers know what’s cooking with new or special products or services

Upload pictures of your products or services, but try sticking with the holiday theme. Mention your holiday specials or tell them what is new with your product or service. Instagram is a great way of launching such campaigns.

Instagram Tinsel

5. Go behind the scenes 

Talk to your customers about what you have been up to, whether it is parties, shopping or just lunch. Instagram lets you do all this, including posting videos and photos of special moments. Your customers will feel part of you this way.

6. Yummy-up 

How about sharing those secret family recipes? Or sharing something you religiously make every Christmas? Doing this on

Instagram might make your customer feel special and even “closer” to you.

7. Have you done something for Charity

Post photos and video’s about these charity events. Let your customer know that you are not just in this for the money!

8. Let your customer have their say 

Let them post pictures or videos of how they are using your product or service, let them tell you what they like most about your product or just let them blabber on about what good service provide. Creative and engaging social media contents can be a great strategy to achieve this.

9. Share your store 

Why not share your physical store on Instagram and how you and your staff have decorated it for the festive season?

Keep your posts alive, jolly and cheerful in order to stick with the festive theme! Your Instagram page will flourish just like your business throughout the merry time!

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