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13. 12. 2013

4 Most Common Marketing Automation Mistakes Draining Your Start-Up's Budget

Mistakes cannot be erased, BUT you can learn from your mistakes. We’re going to look at 4 common marketing automation mistakes that can be very draining to your budget.


1. Communication is a key factor, but communicating too often or not enough can be a slip – Let’s use email marketing as an example, this can be a powerful tool, but sending too many emails too often will put your consumer off. Your customer will start ignoring your emails and your time, effort and money will go with where the spam mail goes…in the trash!

2. Telling your customer all about your product, instead of winning their trust – It’s all good and well to tell your prospective customer about your product, but first you have to win their trust. Essentially you are looking at a long term relationship with your customer and that can only be established through winning their trust first.

3. Implementing marketing automation without a strategy – The pressure of marketing automation can be huge, but without a strategy, you will burn your fingers. Work on your strategy first, and then jump into marketing automation.

4. Not having a team to evaluate your marketing automation tools – You have to have a team behind all this. Investing in quality is always a winner, after all, quality is what your customer will be after! The impact of marketing automation on your efforts will be so much more effective.

The choice is yours; avoid making these mistakes by implementing proper marketing automation or drain your budget.

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