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SaaS Marketing Strategy

11. 12. 2013

Mobile Advertising - 5 Tips for a Good Marketing Strategy

Mobile advertising is taking over and tends to be much more popular than any other form of marketing. If done properly, mobile advertising can provide your customers with various information that promotes your brand. But where do you draw the line when it comes to ''good'' mobile advertising and ''poor'' mobile advertising? Here are most common 5 tips for a good mobile marketing strategy:

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1. A mobile friendly website is a must

I would say that this is the starting point for any business if you are considering mobile advertising. These days most people scan for details on their mobile devices weather it comes to searching online up to purchasing our products. Your aim is that your prospective customers’ foremost interaction with your business is pleasant, which means a mobile friendly website. Responsive design is a powerful avenue to make sure your website works on a number of devices. You can also look at creating a native mobile app version for your website to promote mobile advertising.

2. Social media and mobile strategy goes hand in hand

We see it every day; social media users are gaining access to networks on their mobile devices. To name an example everybody is familiar with, Facebook revealed that most of their users accessed the platform with a mobile device. It is clear with this statement that if you want to go the social media route, you have to take into consideration the mobile social users.

3. Proof, proof and proof your movement

The mobile world is swiftly expanding and repeatedly changing, so don’t you think your campaigns should follow the changes? Ensure that you have the tools available to proof and trace your activities. If something isn't adequate, scrap it and do something different. It might seem like trouble in the beginning, but try looking at the bigger picture and do A/B testing periodically.

4. Content

You have to remember that the screens are small, which will by default make the ad sizes even smaller. This doesn't have to be seen as a limitation in mobile advertising. I believe that you can also use this to your advantage. You can try a number of different combinations of things. You'll find it surprising what such a slight difference can produce to you end result.

5. Fun – embrace it and have it

When users are on their mobiles, their frame of mind is more relaxed and you can really get away with more enjoyable mobile advertising. To keep the short attention span of a mobile user, you have to be creative and this creativity comes from an amusing place.

So, before implementing your marketing strategy, make sure that your mobile advertising is constructed in these tips!

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