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21. 05. 2015

10 ways to use Meerkat to grow your email list

Did you ever heard about Meerkat? If no, the first thing before going on reading this article, go and check out this awesome app, in order to have understanding of what we are going to talk about today.

Meerkat is an awesome application that lets you share your videos with your Twitter followers. It is something like a TV in Twitter. It is a great app that lets you record what are you doing right now and share it with all of your followers. It is especially great opportunity for many businesses to show their clients what they are up to. It will help them engage with their customers and create credibility. Many content marketers really believe that Meerkat is a new trend in content marketing and that it should be used by every company. Meerkat can be used for many purposes and today, we will show you 10 ways of using Meerkat for growing your email list.


1. Create weekly info Meerkat video

In order to increase your email list, you should reach as many people as you can and fortunately Twitter is a great place of doing this. In order to reach both your customers and followers of your customers, try to create some interesting weekly Meerkat videos and share it in your page. After creating that video, make sure that you use the right hashtags and promote it with the help of your team. If you do all the things right, then your followers will increase and as a result they will be included in your email list.

2. Create some quick tips

No other type of content gives so much impression, then pictures and videos. Now, with the help of Meerkat, you will be able to share all of your news, tips with the help of some short videos, which will create much engagement among your followers. And, once again, more engagement means more followers and more personas in your email list.

3. Livestream events with Meerkat

Other way of attracting new clients is to give information on the specific topic as quick as possible. Imagine, that there is an event that is of much of interest for your followers. Try to record that event and share it with your followers with the help of this amazing app. In this case, when people see that you are the first who shares such content, will follow you and be among your email list. 

4. Demonstrate your products

Another great opportunity that Meerkat provides to businesses is the chance to demonstrate their products with the help of interesting and quick videos. For example, if you want to share information about your existing or new products, instead of tweeting in a limited space, try to make videos of your products and share them in Twitter, which will let your potential customers know about your products much more. As people see videos of your products, the interested ones will follow you and be included in your email list.

5. Share interviews

Has there been an important interview with an industry expert? Instead of writing about it, try to share that interview with your followers and let them know more about your industry and your business.

6. Success stories of your customers

If you want to leave positive impression of your business, make sure to share some success stories. For example, if one of your customers succeeded with the help of your products or services, make sure to interview him/her and share this video in Twitter and of course don’t forget to use the right hashtags. In this case, you will be visible and your email list will definitely grow.

7. Share conferences

Just like interviews, you are also free to share some conferences that are related to your business and that will interest your potential customers as well. Also, with sharing this video, make sure to write couple of words about your opinion and ask for your followers’ thoughts in order to create interaction.

8. Work time videos

In order to create credibility among your current customers and in order to grow your email list by attracting new ones, you can record some work time videos, which will show how you create your products or services or how hard your staff works in order to satisfy all of your customers’ needs.

9. Share some funny videos

In order to not create impression that you are only interested in your business, try to share also some interactive joyful and funny videos with your followers and use the right hashtags. The reason is that everyone are fond of such funny videos and it is probable that some of them can become your followers as well.

10. Interact with all the new followers

After using Meerkat, your followers will definitely grow. However, remember that we did it for some reason. In order to transfer them into your customers, make sure to interact with them and ask for their email addresses.

So, here are 10 ways of using Meerkat to grow your potential customers and as well as your emails list. Are there any other useful ways that are not mentioned here? Please share them with us in the comments below. 

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